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Within the firm's specialisation in corporate labour law, without claiming to be exhaustive, our services cover the following areas of action:

General Advice

Advice on all issues that may arise in the labour-legal area in matters such as hiring, development of employment contracts, remuneration, modification of working conditions, fundamental rights (discrimination, harassment, etc.), suspension and termination of employment contracts, special labour relations, company subrogations, social security, voluntary improvements, pension commitments. In short, all matters that may arise within the labour area of the company, including tax law issues that affect remuneration, such as tax treatment of flexible remuneration, stock options, delivery of shares, payment in kind and all matters relating to the tax optimisation of remuneration.

Legal Proceedings

Intervention assuming the representation and defence of the interests of the company in all types of legal proceedings, both individual and collective, in all judicial instances including the Constitutional Court or the High Court of Justice of the European Union and both in the social, contentious-administrative and criminal jurisdiction in those cases in which, as a result of work-related accidents, criminal liability may arise.

Worforce Restructuring and Viability Plans

Design, planning, direction and management of decentralisation processes of production activity, as well as company mergers and integration of staff, restructuring plans and collective measures to make the company viable.

Defining the content of the social plan, establishment of negotiation strategies, coordination of the different professionals involved and direct participation in all negotiations with work councils, trade unions and, where appropriate, administrations. In addition, processes of decentralisation of production activity, as well as mergers and integration of workforces.

Bargaining Agreements and Company Negotiations

Participation in the negotiating committee of collective agreements, at national, regional, provincial, company or work centre level, with a physical presence in meetings. Intervening in the drafting of proposals, defining the negotiation strategy and proposing specific regulations of the different contents of the agreement. Attempting to provide maximum legal security to the agreements reached with the social partners in collective agreements.

Intervention in the negotiation of equality plans and participation in any negotiations that take place within the company on labour matters.

Labour Audits

Periodic labour audits are one of the most appropriate procedures for checking the degree of adaptation to the company’s labour policy and applicable regulations at any given time, thus correcting any possible errors and eliminating the risks and costs that may arise from possible inspections.

Specifically, for cases of total or partial acquisition or sale of companies, it is particularly advisable to carry out labour audits in order to gain knowledge of the real situation of the company from the labour point of view.

Senior Management Contract

Formalization of senior management contracts with special clauses, advice to both companies and managers in relation to senior management contracts, as well as intervention in legal proceedings that may arise in the employment relationship of a senior management nature.

Prevention of Occupational Risks

Intervention in defence of business interests in administrative proceedings arising from the imposition of sanctions in the social order, as a consequence of non-compliance with the applicable regulations on the prevention of occupational risks, as well as intervention in proceedings for compensation claims for damages as a consequence of occupational accidents and occupational diseases, both before the social jurisdiction and, where appropriate, before the criminal jurisdiction.